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Hark Productions was founded in the mid-90s as an audio production/composition company that focused on commercial jingles, scoring & royalty free music loop library creation. As technology improved, we moved into video around 2000 and have been doing video exclusively since 2006.

The core team at Hark Productions has decades of combined experience in several areas of the production and entertainment industry. Writing for network television in Hollywood, producing promotional spots for the New York Jets, shooting four feature films and hosting mutli-session training presentations at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas are among our accomplishments.

We start with you. Period. What do you need your production to do? What about your business or organization separates you from the others? What is the best way to combine these elements in the creative execution of your project? These are all questions that we ask, and we don't begin production until they are answered. In short, we don't just "make a video," we make YOUR video.

Our years of being in the production business have given us an extensive network of professionals who can help round out your needs - from still photgraphers, graphic designers, web developers and composers to marketing & social media experts, media buyers in TV, radio & print and talent agencies. Hark Productions is, simply put, the only door you need to knock on to take your entire media image to the next level.

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Sound is one of the most crucial elements in a successful film or video, and music is at the heart of it. Since we began as an audio production company, we not only appreciate and understand the importance of sound and music, we make it one of our chief priorities in every production.

Every project gives every client access to quality music, regardless of budget. Included in every quote is a selection from our extensive royalty free music library. For higher-end jobs, we will have your production scored with original music by one of our composers - giving youyour own unique musical signature that you can use forever - in any kind of application - forever.

Royalty Free vs. Customized Music
Royalty free music is great. In today's market, you can use fantastic music with exceptional production quality at little cost to you. The drawback with royalty free music is that you don't have an exclusive license - anybody else can use the exact same music in their project. Not a big deal if you're using your music in a local TV ad seven states away from the other person who's using the same music - a bigger deal if someone's using the same music in their video at a booth right next to yours at a tradeshow.

On the flip side, customized or "original" music costs more, but is yours exclusively. And with our arrangement with our composers, there are no additional fees involved. Tracking needle drops and getting hit with annual renewal fees doesn't happen when you contract original music with Hark Productions - it's yours to use whenever and however you want, forever, at no additional expense to you.

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