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Congratulations! You've found your way to some of the most melodic & versatile loops on the market. Hark Loops are made for composers, by composers. You will find that, where other loop providers leave you hanging, Hark Loops leave you with musical possibilities galore! Be sure to check out the demo songs and free sample loops on our catalog page. Also, be sure to check out our specially-priced bundles on our combo page. All volumes and packs are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD!

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Immediate Download!
That's right. You can
download your loop library title immediately! You still receive high-quality .wav files.

  • Download libraries are available as zipped files.
  • File sizes range from 400MB - 850MB, due to the fact that you are downloading an entire library of full-quality wave files (MP3s are not seamlessly loopable). Download times will vary based on your internet connection speed.
  • Because of the size of each library, you can only buy one per order. You can order as many different individual libraries as you want, but you will be given a separate download page per order. All order links will be good for 24 hours.


Hark Loops...
Sound Great
Developed & produced in top-quality studios by professional engineers, programmers & musicians.

Emphasize Melody
Designed to be melodic, musical & full of personality - inspiring those creative juices to take your music further!

Fully ACIDized
Our super-geeks go the extra mile to prepare each and every loop with the metadata that makes it play right and sound better!

Easy To Use
Get the right loop quickly! Hark loops are better named & organized, so you can spend your time on making music, not wading through files.

More Flexible
By offering several variations within a single voice, our SPECIALIZED libraries give you the tools to create your own lines & patterns. Break out that Chopper & Pencil Tool - you've got some serious CREATING to do!


Praise For Hark Loops...
I just recieved Hark's Gorgeous Piano Volume 1. Despite the long wait for the loops to load onto my computer (tons of loops), it was well worth the wait! For those people looking for top notch, well produced, and inexpensive piano loops, this is it. Gorgeous Piano Volume 1 has loops that can be used in any genre and tempo without making the loops sound bad. I really appreciate you guys putting the CDs in a nice case with a good cover unlike other loop companies whom I will not name. I will be getting Volume 2 very shortly! Thanks for the loops!

I own [all the Hark Loops Libraries]. Your approach to melody is right on. I love these loops, they're so easy to use & are far superior to [the larger producers]. With their loops, I felt I was renting someone else's ideas and music off an assembly line. Not so with Hark Loops. They are open, gorgeous, and giving me lots of ideas...Gorgeous Piano, beside being gorgeous, is absolutely huge, don't know where to begin...

"I just received your Piano loops and I must say I am NOT Dissapointed! Love it to death. I think there is no other piano loop library that sounds so good. Well done!"

"Received the loops today. They are fantastic and easier to use than a typical Sonic Foundry Disc. I am "melody-oriented" and these loops really fill the bill; am looking forward to your future releases." r]

"Hello Hark Productions! I received my order today, and I must say-- I am very impressed.Your loops emphasize MELODY."

"These loops are the best! I downloaded the loops for the contest, and I just downloaded the Gorgeous Piano Sample Pack # 1 loops. I have several loop libraries from the other guys that cost much more than your libraries, and your's are really a lot better sounding and more musical. Thanks guys and keep them coming."

"I've been using Acid Pro for about 3 years and I have to say, the sample loops I've downloaded are fantastic. I shall certainly be looking forward to purchasing some of your products!"

"Just a comment about your loops - they all mix very well and have a clean feel that makes them an addition to any composition. "

"I [bought] the Retro Active library from Hark Productions and I've gotten more out of that lately than anything else..."