...beyond the days of "spots & sponsorships" 

It's All Content Now...

Business Video is NOT just "Commercials"

Commercials & advertising is the first place your mind goes when considering the term, “business video,” but it goes much further than that. Video can be used extensively – both public facing and internal:

  • Build/maintain a specific image

  • Keep messaging consistent

  • Provide time-saving information, how-to and help to existing clients or customers

  • Build/maintain employee morale

  • Build/maintain relationship with the local and/or industry community

  • Gives the impression that you are willing to go to the extra effort for clients and employees alike

A LANDING VIDEO on your webpage is an attention-getting resource that answers basic questions and introduces you in a deliberate tone that you control – unlike the random first-impression they will get in a direct phone call.

An Introduction/Invitation Message puts a name, face and voice to the person on the other end of that initial call – again, message, tone and look completely controlled. .

Business video can be used to inform, clarify, gatekeep and impress.

Video can also be used to enhance presentations for fundraising, grant submissions and other expansion opportunities.

And because videos literally move and make sound, they instantly bring a sense of life and energy to the pages of your business!

Business Video is NOT always public-facing

More and more companies are relying on video for:

  • Employee training

  • morale-building

  • Internal competition

  • Prospective client value add-ons

  • Information and safety dissemination

In our years working for Enterprise brands – over 100 projects – MOST of the videos we did were in-house. Half of those were Burke Awards submissions (a prestigious & highly competitive Johnson & Johnson annual competition between all of their global brands). We produced over 50 of those videos, winning categories for brands like Rogaine (twice), Listerine, Neutrogena, AVEENO, Tylenol and Zyrtec.

Here is one in a series of employee training videos for a dental industry management software platform.

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